Privacy Statement of Motel Kapyla is the website of Motel Kapyla in Keminmaa, through which you can search for information about rest area, its services. And make a table reservation at restaurant, order a room, or reserve premises.

Data collection

The website does not collect information about the user other than through the contact form; The following personal information can be entered using the contact form: name, telephone, e-mail address.

Data processing and disclosure

The information collected on the contact form will not be saved if the contact does not lead to further action. When the agreement is entered into, the information is stored in the customer information systems used by Motel Käpylä. Personal data will not be disclosed outside of Motel Käpylä and will only be processed within the EEA.

Data retention

The personal information provided in the contact form will be kept for as long as the processing of the contact requires.

Data protection

The protection of the website complies with good information security practices and applicable laws and regulations. Use of the system is restricted to persons who need information in their work.

Use of cookies

The online service uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as the browser's local storage. Cookies are small text files between the computers browser and the server. Cookies and other tags have an expiration date, after which the browser deletes the tag. We use these techniques to perform functions as well as analytics.

In the browser settings, the user can refuse to accept cookies or delete cookies stored in their browser. However, this can cause deficiencies in the operation of the site.

The data used in analytics is anonymized whenever possible. Otherwise, we treat the information as personal insofar as the identifier contains customer-specific information, such as an IP address. Tags that are associated with a customer in some way are also treated as personal information. The validity period of the tags used for analytics is 30s-24 months.

We leverage Google Analytics to provide analytics related to the use of our site. The information you send to Google is anonymized. Learn more about Google Analytics data processing.

You can opt out of analytics by enabling your browser's Do Not Track feature and setting your browser to reject third-party cookies.

General statistical information on the use of the online service is collected for the development of the service. The following statistics are collected about the use of the service: total number of visitors and pageviews, number of sessions and average durations, whether the visitor returns to the site or the first time the user came from, most used keywords, top pages, used terminals, browser versions and most common service providers. No personal information is collected about visitors to the online service that could identify an individual visitor. Statistically collected data cannot be combined. Usage tracking is based on Google Analytics reporting, which uses Google Universal Analytics cookies (learn more at ).

Rights of the data subject

The data subject shall have the right to request information from the controller concerning himself or herself and to request the correction of inaccurate and erroneous information and the restriction of its processing for the duration of the verification of the accuracy of the information. The data subject also has the right to complain to the supervising authority about the processing of personal data.

Contact details of the registrar

Teija-Liisa Paananen, the system's registrar, primarily answers questions regarding the data protection report and the data subject's rights. In matters of data protection, please contact the registrar directly in writing: Motel Käpylä, 94450 Keminmaa or alternatively to: